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The Purpose and Process of Certificates Attestation In Abu Dhabi & Dubai - UAE

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When it comes to attestation of any or all documents, a brand name that comes to mind is of Expect. Attestation of documents in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is mandatory and in-bound for any government proceedings. Hence we focus to deliver a speedy, perfect and trustworthy service that helps you with any legal purposes such as a business setup or a visa.  

An entrepreneur starting a new venture, a student migrating to a new foreign institution , a traveler for a business purpose, for temporary or permanent residency, many of other activities needs a proper recognition and legalization of documents. This needs to be done in a right and quick mode. That’s where we come in.  

We have been a growing successful attestation service providers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with magnificent number of satisfied clients and a highly qualified professionals and experts in attestation. Get your business setup in Abu Dhabi a better wings of success with our attestation services.  

Certificate attestation in UAE
Best Certificate attestation in Dubai

The Expect Transaction Team

Document clearance is a very important step in getting into UAE. Attestation of documents in Abu Dhabi, Dubai have many lengthy procedures. This calls for many hours wasted by a person running from one department of attestation to the other. That’s why we, the Expect Transaction Services, are the best document clearing agency in UAE. We have taken up every request with utmost dedication and delivered with best satisfaction. Deliver your queries of attestation to us from anywhere and we shall complete them with swiftness and etiquette.

We deliver attestation service for citizens of various nationalities.we pursue the service of following countries.

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The Expect Transaction Services provides a large range of document attestation services in Abu Dhabi that can fit an extended list of clients  With a large a number of services, not only are we qualified professionals, we are in-fact the leaders who can provide a person the best of attestation services on UAE.

Document attestation is a necessity when a person of foreign country enter UAE for  any professional, educational or income based purposes. This attestation is time consuming and should be properly done through proper government authorities.

Take a look at what we provide you on attestation services in UAE –

Attestation of Educational documents in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, especially attestation of Degree, PG, Provisional and Diploma certificates are quite hectic. We help in easy manoeuvering through the legal formalities at the quickest time. Not only educational documents, other personal documents are necessarily to be represented with an official stamp from the UAE government. These personal documents are stamped to be officially recognized as the credible source of identification and authentication of a person travelling from a foreign country to UAE, especially to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Certificate attestation in Dubai

Attestation of Degree Certificate in UAE 

Degree certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi and  requires the recognition of the certificate of the official government of both the native and host countries, for a successful entry to professional or educational institution or for any job opportunity.  

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Attestation Of PG certificate. 

Post graduate certificate is to be attested by a government entity, both from the native country and the host country for a job opportunity or any Ph.D. opening in UAE. PG certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi is fulfilled by the MOEF, MOFA, and educational institutions of the native country.  

MOFA Attestation

MOFA Attestation

MOFA attestation in Abu Dhabi and MOFA attestation in Dubai is one of the final attestation procedures for many of the documents of a citizen traveling to the UAE. These certificates can be MOFA attestation of educational documents, MOFA attestation of personal documents or MOFA attestation of Commercial documents. Apostille attestation and Embassy verification also are included under the MOFA attestation.


MOFA certificate Attestation

Attestation of Diploma Certificate

Recognition of Diploma Certificate by UAE governing authority is a major formality in availing any small to large job opportunity in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Attestation of Diploma certificate in Abu Dhabi helps a person to let know the organization employing him/her that all certificates are credible and assured under the laws of UAE.  

MOFA document Attestation

Attestation of other educational documents.

Transfer certificate attestation, mark list attestation in UAE, and the attestation of school and transfer certificates are all to be done in proper manner to authenticate these documents for any job, educational, or visa services.  

Certificate Attestation Services in Abu Dhabi

Attestation of Marriage certificate attestation

Marriage certificate in UAE have to be attested from the Ministry of External Affairs of the home country , by the UAE consulate and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE for any Visa related purposes.  

Certificate Attestation Services in Abu Dhabi

Attestation of Birth Certificate in UAE

Birth certificate is a mandatory document to be presented at time of Visa application, residency application and educational admission hence have to be attested by the UAE certificate. 

Certificate Attestation Services in Abu Dhabi

Death certificate attestation in UAE

Death certificate attestation in UAE are carried to untangle any legal formalities that are mainly required for property settlement, bank account management by a beneficiary, and to settle any legal obligation. 

Certificate Attestation Services in Abu Dhabi

Government Authorities in Attestation

Initial attestation or notarization of the original certificates have to be done in the native country.  Educational certificate attestation required attestation or notarization from the University or state board  of education. Later on by the Human Resource Development ( HRD)  Further these personal documents are to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs of both countries.  

Certificates of Marriage, Birth and Death are stamped officially by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the respective consulates of the two countries in transaction.  

All these transaction services are carried out over an invested amount of time. Such a time expenditure can be a demerit to a pioneer in business venture or to a person interested in educational and professional opportunities. These government related authorization process needs to be met with utmost care and dedication. That’s exactly where we come in.   

Certificate Attestation Services in Abu Dhabi

Role of Expect Transaction Services in Attestation

Our team of experts are experienced and dedicated with years of in-field knowledge and have tackled many of the problems that come during attestation of documents. Our powerful team of well-versed legal experts gives you a sense of security and assurance that you have been looking for. We prefer to assist our clients with direct pick up and delivery of documents throughout the attestation and avoid wastage of your time.  

We can assure a 100% service satisfaction because we have been enjoying the best of customer feedback for the services we provide. Assurance comes with perfect blend of dedication with Expect Transaction Services. Get your documents attested with us. Attestation of documents in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE have never been better.