Attestation For Educational Documents

Education Certificates & Document Attestation in Abu Dhabi/Dubai – UAE

Education Certificate Attestation in Dubai

Document attestation is by far the best and secure way of identifying the genuineness of a person who is migrating from one country to another for any professional, educational or business purposes.  

Educational documents are the proof of academic progressions in a person’s life. These documents are the evidence to the academic qualification that enables him/her to be eligible to apply for any job or higher education in a different country. Educational certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi is to be best  fulfilled only by the excellent attestation service providers – Expect transaction services.  

Educational certificate includes many of the educational documents, ranging from school certificates to highest academic qualifications. Educational certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi is  done to recognize the authenticity of the original documents and by this attestation, the documents will be valid to use in Abu Dhabi and Dubai or anywhere in UAE. Educational documents are those that includes school certificates, Transfer certificates, Degree certificates, Post graduate certificate, Diploma certificate, Mark list Transcript, Conduct Certificate, M.Ed. certificate and other professional course certificates.  All these certificates have their own value in Abu Dhabi and Dubai when considering for a job opportunity.  

Fundamental Attestation for some Educational Documents

Secondary and Higher secondary graduate certificate are the primary and the first document one receive over the initial stages of his/her education. For migration purposes or for any job opportunity, a person must first have a proper attestation of Tenth and Plus Two certificate in Abu Dhabi or attestation in Dubai. This certificate is also an important document in verification of the person’s identity while applying for Visa to UAE.

Attestation of Degree Certificate in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, helps an individual to get a credible and secure job in UAE. Degree qualification is the basis to further education, obtaining a visa, procuring a good job in UAE and many more. An educational University has also been required to keep an attested copy of the Degree document for security of the person. Not only for education, Degree certificate once attested in Abu Dhabi are eligible for student visa, residency programs and even for educational loan application.

Most widely attested document for a migrating student or a professional is the Post graduate certificate . Hence attestation of Post graduate certificate in Abu Dhabi or attestation of PG certificate in Dubai plays a major role. Educational certificate such as Post graduate certificate after attestation in Abu Dhabi can hold a key role in bagging a really good job in Dubai or Abu Dhabi as more and more companies look for well professionals. For a student migrating to UAE for a higher education also need their PG certificate to be officially recognized. Hence it is mandatory under the UAE government laws to have a properly attested copy and original Educational certificate such as Post graduate certificate submitted to the proper authority.

Diploma certificate is awarded upon the successful completion of the Diploma course taken up by a person on a specific and particular subject. Diploma is a course that trains a person on a practical sense rather than just theoretical knowledge. Hence, when a person completes a diploma course that are of short term duration such as 6 months, 1 year or maximum of 2 years, the person can apply for any technical job in Abu Dhabi or UAE after Diploma certificate attestation in UAE. Diploma certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi and Diploma certificate attestation in Dubai is a very important procedure that can be easily done with the assistance of Expect team.

Government Authorities involved in Attestation of Educational document in Abu Dhabi

  • Recognition and attestation of SSLC/Degree/Post Graduate/ Diploma certificate by the state Education Department. This is mainly done by the University of issuing and mandatory to be notarized by the Human Resource Department ( HRD) before sending to the Foreign Ministry of Affairs.
  • The attested documents from the University are delivered to the Ministry of Education and stamped from there.
  • These attested documents are then taken to the Ministry of External Affairs who legalize the document with official validation and stamping.
  • The attested documents are then to be submitted to the UAE Embassy in the home country
  • After validation and attestation of the certificate, the stamped certificates are send to the UAE government departments who further on attest the educational certificates.

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