Educational Certificates attestation in Abu Dhabi/Dubai – UAE

Educational certificates are to be attested by the authorized government entity for a person looking for opportunities of further education, employment or residency in UAE.

Attestation of educational certificates in Dubai comes with a few steps that are a little time consuming and effort-requiring procedure. For a person in process of getting an employment or planning to extend their academic excellence from the grounds of UAE, a person must know all basics of availing the educational certificates attested by the UAE government.

Why educational certificates are important is due to the fact that these are mandatory documents that lie at the base of any verification procedure of employment and/or admission to colleges and universities. Hence a person is requested to follow all proper steps in attestation of educational certificates in Dubai. The attestation certificate can ensure a person’s competence for the given opportunity, increasing their credibility and security.

A person who wants their educational certificates to be attested in UAE, have to firstly get the documents notarized by the public notary of the concerned state.

The notarizing body adds a formal signature and stamp that legalize the documents for any further clarification.

These documents are cross verified and attested by the Home department of the concerned state. The state Education Department or any other relevant authority can carry out this procedure.Only certificates of government recognized board/ University/ council can be attested by the HRD.

After the verification by the concerned State Government authority, the documents are attested by the Ministry of External Affairs of the native country.

These certificates are then send to the Ministry of External Affairs in UAE. This is the last step in attestation of education certificates in UAE .The Government of UAE accepted the person’s certificates as an official legal document after stamping by MOFA of UAE.

All these procedure are a little tiresome for any person carrying them out alone. Hence we provide you with our expert team of specialists that are well equipped to provide you assistance in any step of the procedure. We handle all chain of events, from beginning to end, with utmost dedication and care.