Trademark Registration in UAE

As a land that excels with its creative ideas and innovations , the UAE have always kept a hand for protecting the businessmen and their services. This includes the registration of product and services for a Trademark under the Federal Law No.4 that has been further amended in course of time. The law allowed all residents and non- residents of UAE to have an exclusive right to their products.

What is a Trademark and its relevance?

From Federal Law No.37, a Trademark is one of the Intellectual Property Right ( IPR) that a person can apply through the Ministry of Economy of UAE ( MOE), that gives their product, product name, quotes, catch-phrase, symbols, color combinations, or any peculiar quality of the product, an exclusive right that distinguish one’s service and trade from other competent ones.

Once a Trademark is issued and approved by the Government, no other competitors are allowed to use any of the peculiar quality of the product to which the Trademark has been issued. Hence, Trademark is a power of ownership and authenticity that gives a trader the assurance of preserving one ‘s own product value.

It is the right of a person to protect and provide value to the product he/she have created and UAE government takes in consideration of this fact with deep-rooted responsibility. The Federal laws by UAE on Trademarks hence secure a product and prevent from a third party exploitation and use without the permission of owner.

The Trademark approved is only applicable to product that is in use within UAE and not applicable to countries other than UAE.

Trademark Registration

Uses of a Trademark in UAE

  • Security
  • Freedom of Business
  • Increase in product value
  • Preserve authenticity and uniqueness of product
  • Asset accumulation and development
  • Legitimate use of product and service throughout UAE

Infringement of Trademark

Infringement is the act of knowingly using an existing trademark for one’s own benefit without the permission of the owner. This act is considered as illegal and the person using similar trademark or trademark without permission will be making room for some serious consequences.

A trader applying for trademark have to intensely search for any similar or closely related trademark and should avoid using any such trademarks. The UAE Federal laws are imposed in serious manner for preventing the infringement of any sense in application of trademark.

Registering for a Trademark in UAE

Any person wishing to apply for Trademark for his/her product and services has to first do an intense search for any existing trademarks that are similar or identical to the concept trademark in mind. If so, the trademark cannot be used and the person have to create a new one. If the Trademark in concept is unique, then the person can submit an application to the Ministry of Economy. The person have to provide all basic information about oneself and about the list of product and services that one wish to include under the trademark. The MOE of UAE will verify all details and if no discrepancies arise, the trademark will be published through newspaper or any other government approved body of communication. After a period of time, if no objections arise against the trademark, the Ministry of Economy will approve the Trademark.

Why seek us ?

Application of trademark, scanning for any similar ones, submission of documents to MOE and filing for infringement can all be a hectic job for a new entrepreneur or any trader new in filed. Hence, we provide a very smooth and easy, dedicated approach for all these steps with utmost precision.