Business Setup in Abu Dhabi

Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Know Your Grounds, Know the kingdom

Abu Dhabi is a major center of attention for those investors vested in yielding significant amount of tax benefits, a good infrastructure and a pool of business opportunities. For a person interested in setting up a new business or relocating to Abu Dhabi should know the grounds and the complex network of business world that exist within Abu Dhabi. Setting up a low operational cost business is the smart move that any businessman should opt and that’s the basic knowledge, hence Abu Dhabi acts as a layout for your successful ventures. Abu Dhabi is a self-built, efficient, profitable grounds with zestful financial structuring that guarantees a company to be successful, if all goes well planned.

New business setup abu dhabi

Types of Business setup in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has a well structured economical background that is built from an intelligently planned Government presence. The network formed within the Abu Dhabi market isfairly simple but efficient for a large profit.

Business setup in Abu Dhabi comes with two choices for the traders or initiators, one can either choose to setup a business in Abu Dhabi Mainland or setup in the Free zones in Abu Dhabi.

Free zones Business setup in Abu Dhabi

As a catapult to economic development, free zones are hubs that promote foreign investment and ownershipof 100% of the business setup.Even though opportunities to major business sector related to oil and energy is limited under Free zone business setup, it canact as a higher ground of profit generation through logistics, finance, media and communication, industrial and agriculture technologies. Company setup in free zone gives a complete control of capital and profits thus generated and a very good tax benefits. Free Zones have their own individual jurisdictional proceedings in opening a new company hence an individual can enjoy the benefits of easy setting up of a company as a LLC under the authorization of Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority.

Abu Dhabi Mainland business setup

Mainland comprises of areas outside the Free Zones in Abu Dhabi that have specialized policies and legal guidelines that requires a person to absorb proper documentation and licensing for setting up large business layout. With new commercial company law implemented from 2021 by the UAE government, a foreign entrepreneur can have 100% of the company setup profits.

Steps in business setup in Abu Dhabi.

  • Recognize the current market needs
  • Choose the appropriate business theme
  • Register online or through a local sponsor.
  • Register for Trade names, Trademarks and copyrights for a personalized benefit of trading.
  • Licensing from required government entities and local bodies of approval.
  • Get add-on approvals if business activities conducted in Abu Dhabi Mainland.

What we offer you

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