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As a crucial document that legally binds two people as a married couple, marriage certificate has to be valid in all countries. This validation is through the attestation by a government entity, here, by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Marriage certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi or Dubai as a process, is a little time consuming and often hectic for a person to do on their own, hence we provide an easy and step-by-step assistance for you with utmost dedication. We take care of all the legal formalities that begins with validating the current certificates and legally notarizing the document with a officiating stamp. Once the notarization is over, the documents are verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the person’s home country. The verification for marriage certificate in Abu Dhabi is followed up by attestation from UAE Consulatein the homecountry.

Once the verification is done in the person’s native land, the documents are sent to UAE for verification and attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. The process of marriage certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi is only complete with an official, legal stamp from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Having an officially attested marriage certificate in Abu Dhabi from the ministry of Foreign affairs of UAE allows a person to avail residency visa for their significant other.

If two people wish to get married in UAE, first they should be unmarried as per the UAE laws laid down and then get their marriage certificate attested by the government officials. This authenticity is a prime measure that ensures the validation of marital status.

For marriage certificate attestations, a person can either approach the Abu Dhabi consulate or the Dubai consulate. This ensures a supportive document for application of Dubai Visa.

For a foreigner, this legal proceedings tend to be hard and tensing. We ease the tension, where our team of experts with years of experience, can swiftly handle all proceedings along with your oversight.