Attesting Birth Certificate in Abudhabi

The Need And Importance To Get Birth Certificate Attested in Abu Dhabi, Dubai – UAE

Attesting Birth Certificate in UAE

The UAE is a vast land of opportunities. For a non-resident, these opportunities come with a set of rules that should be strictly followed. As per the UAE laws, a person is required to have a legally attested and verified Birth Certificate that have passed through the attestation of Birth Certificate procedure in Abu Dhabi or in Dubai. A Birth certificate is a very important legal document that plays vital role in application of Visa, application of higher education, residence in UAE and for an identity card and many more.

Why Birth Certificate is important

Birth certificate is the first and foremost certificate that is the base to identifying a person’s nationality. For a migrating person, a birth certificate attested in Abu Dhabi or birth certificate attested in Dubai is a reliable document for many applications. A child migrating from one country to UAE must have a properly attested birth certificate for availing health benefits in UAE. The Expect Transaction oversee Birth certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi, that fulfills the attestation procedure for a person , especially for a student or a child, who may require to open a bank account in UAE, or avail health benefits, avail financial sponsorship, get some academic scholarships and more. Moreover, a person can apply for family visa when provided with documents such as birth certificate of the close family members. The application of passport already mandates a copy of birth certificate to be submitted. When applying for Visa, this passport and photos of the people applying have to be provided. If birth certificate is also required, a person may approach agencies for attestation of the birth certificate. Expect transactions have been best in document clearing, especially birth certificate attestation services. We maintain a close rapport with the government authorities that helps us to swiftly channel through the legal formalities set by the UAE laws.

Guidelines for Birth Certificate attestation in Abu Dhabi

A person have to familiarize themselves with the proceedings by the consulate of UAE in attestation of Birth Certificates in Abu Dhabi. These guidelines are mandatory to be followed because an attested birth certificate is a baseline to many application procedures. Birth certificate before submission to the proper  authorities must be authentic and original. Attestation of birth certificate in Abu Dhabi is the procedure of witnessing and verifying that the birth certificate provided by the person is original and trustworthy. Hence, a person must have a government issued birth certificate that denotes the place of birth, the person’s full name, name of parents and many other basic information that can denote the nationality of the person.  

The following are some basic steps in attestation of birth certificate in Abu Dhabi and attestation of birth certificate in Dubai ; 

 Firstly the supportive documents are collected and submitted to Notary attestation. It is the first step in legalizing the procedure. Signature and a stamp is also required. All personal and academic activities related documents have to be notarized first.  

Secondly, the certification procedure involved the State Home Department, who verifies all forms of personal documents and officially attest them. This is followed by the next government entity, Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA) of the home country. The MEA stamps the documents and attest them. As a final checkpoint for attestation of birth certificate and other personal documents, the papers are sent to the Embassy of UAE or Consulate of UAE in the native country.

Once the attestation of birth certificate procedure is done in the native country, the copy of attested certificate are sent to UAE Ministry of Foreign Affair ( MOFA). Here the MOFA provides an Apostille stamp and officially attest the papers along with copies saved as an e-copy and hard copy in their database.

Why Attest Birth Certificate

A person is required to have in possession an attested Birth Certificate in Abu Dhabi , in Dubai or in whole of UAE. This is so as to ensure the completion of Visa applications, educational applications, any form of changes in any personal documents, migration and residency requests, application for an identity card in UAE, insurance purposes. 

What can we do for you?

Our experts are well versed in the legal formalities and hence  gets a better result at a faster rate. We provide our clients a tension-free path for all forms of attestation procedures. We personally ensure all the requirements for the completion are met and quicken the process. Timeframe and charges of the Birth Certificate Attestation Abu Dhabi or in Dubai can vary due to different factors but comes at a reasonable price and time.