Procedure & Benefits of Company Formation in Abu Dhabi, Dubai – How to Do It?

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Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Company requires 51 % of shares participation as a local sponsor and foreign investors or companies are permitted to hold up to 49% of shares. The LLC is the most popular method of establishing a commercial license in the UAE. LLC company formation is faster and better with Expect Transactions.

Establishment (100 % expatriates ownership)

An establishment license requires 100% foreign ownership. So this would be the main attraction of these types of licenses. In certain activities are restricted to either UAE nationals or have a UAE nationals share requirement.

In professional license local sponser act as a sleeping partner of the company.

Branch Or Rep Office.

The branch office is permitted to exercise the activity of its parent company. Also, it empowers to undertake transactions and offer services to customers.
Rep offices are only allowed to have promotional activities, supplementing the business activity of the parent company. Rep office cannot involve business transactions or selling the products
If you choose to conduct a business setup in Abu Dhabi, prospects are offered to business owners who are looking at different locations that best suit the industry that they’re planning to establish in. This Emirate is known to have flexible procedures when it comes to setting up business in Abu Dhabi.
We are business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi, who can easily have your papers processed and have your trade license in Abu Dhabi in no time.
Planning to have a company setup in Abu Dhabi? Speak with business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi who can support you with procedures and even let you know if your business is best suited there.
LLC company formation in Abu Dhabi is quite a well-known choice for businessmen. Advantages of Company formation in Abu Dhabi will help you put your business on edge.

Freelance License

Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development Department ( ADDED)have come forward with an initiative to provide permits for different classes of business activities, business set up, and company formation,  allowing holders to undertake projects from an authorized arena or of their place of residency. The permit is allotted to residents and non-residents of Abu Dhabi.

Tajer Abu Dhabi

For an entrepreneur to extend their business activities, business set up or company formation in Abu Dhabi / Dubai integrated with online trade activities as well, an eCommerce license has been provided by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development Department ( ADDED) which can be included with the existing licenses or obtain a new license separately along with a commerce mark for electronic product traders. Tajer Abu Dhabi allows UAE Nationals and GCC Nationals to conduct more than 100 business activities without physical presence. Tajer Abu Dhabi is an initiative equally favorable for newcomers in business and existing ones for an online mode of communication and promotion of their business. Tajer Abu Dhabi comes with it’s on benefits, hence encouraging small business owners to dream big and expand their ventures.

Foreign Ownership License

The UAE administration have updated their trading laws and regulations with ADDED introducing a new professional license that allows foreign investors to own 100% of their business.
The license aims at cost-effective methods of setting up new business or company formation in Abu Dhabi or Dubai  by a foreign body and increasing foreign investment to boost the UAE economy

Why seek an expert?

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