dubai mainland license

Dubai Mainland

As a thriving land of business and a blooming spot of new ideas, UAE is always of a prime flourishing base for entrepreneurs and business minds. For any company or business to be set up in a proper way, UAE government have directed to obtain trade licenses.
The license thus obtained by an entrepreneur, based on the type of business activities conducted , helps to have a proper operational smoothness and avail security of functioning from the UAE government. For a resident of UAE nationality or for an expatriate, there are different types of mainland licenses that can be availed in Dubai ; mainland professional license, mainland commercial trade license and mainland industrial trade license.
Any entrepreneur in field for providing any professional form of assistance or service, the Dubai Department Of Economic Development ( DED) have to authorize and sanction the Professional license for such activities. All professionals with apt qualifications, skills and knowledge, have to get this professional license so as to establish their own professional stream of business be it in form of LLC, civil company or sole company.
For those business that are commerce based, the traders and investors have to request for a Commercial Trader’s License that can give rise to a LLC or sole establishment that can deal with trading activities.
For the purpose of dealing with manufacturing focused activities and business, an Industrial Trade License have to be issued by the DED for conducting such business in ground of UAE. Further approvals by various government departments maybe required for starting such large scale business ventures.
An entrepreneur should choose the appropriate format of Dubai mainland license so as to set up a business quickly and properly.

Prerequisites for UAE – Dubai Trade License

  • Report the form of business that will take place.
  • Provide all proper legal documents concerning the business proposal.
  • Type of trade proposed.

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