Visa services

Why You Need a Professional Team For Visa Services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai – UAE

Visa services

A destination that strikes wonderment, a land of fascination and a place of masterminds, a dream destination for anyone, Dubai. But as a responsible land businessmen and successful business women, Dubai does take strict measure for the entry and exit of person and hence the person have to be permitted with a ‘Visa’.

Visa determines the period that a person spends in the country and the mode of business or activities that a person can commit to when in Dubai. There are different kinds of Visa that can be used by a person and getting these visa sanctioned is often time consuming and hectic.

This is where we come in. A hand – in- hand, all time assistance with a dedicated team just for your requirements. We provide the best Visa services in Dubai with an easy interphase of communication hence you get as comfortable and confident for your further ventures. We are experts who can take over your needs and doubts on visa services in Dubai , saving you time and money.


Although there different kinds of visas that can be used by a person, it’s better to know a few important ones beforehand.

Resident Visa / Family Visa

A resident visa is issued to a foreign person with interest of settling down in UAE. A resident visa gives years of duration and can be renewed multiple times. With a resident visa, a person can also bring mediate family members such as wife, children or parents. The family members can be brought to UAE through a sponsor visa, who is the earning member employed in UAE. Expiry of sponsor’s visa will automatically affect the family visa permit of the dependents. Certain regulations have to be met by the sponsor and sponsor’s dependents that are imposed by the UAE government to ensure the completion of resident or family visa application.

Employment Visa

For a person to be employed in Abu Dhabi or in Dubai, it is a necessity to avail a work visa. Work visa is applied when a person have a valid job offer or contract that requires physical presence in UAE. A work visa also guarantees the entry and exit from the country at anytime of request without any hindrance.

Investor visa

A transit Visa can be provided by UAE based airlines, which gives a person a temporary period of time to stay in UAE. The issuing of a transit visa depends on the country of the traveler since some countries issue a valid visit visa. Transit visa once availed are valid for 14 days but once the traveler enters the UAE borders the Visa is only valid to either 48 hours or 96 hours.

Visiting Visa

A sponsor or a relative who is resident in UAE have to sponsor a person for entering the country through a visiting visa.

Visa services in abudhabi
Golden Visa Services.

As part of shaping UAE as the land of endless possibilities and unchallenged developments, the UAE government have initiated to offer a Golden Visa to those brilliant minds from different fields such as research, business, academics, agriculture and arts, transforming UAE as the best place to build a future.

A scientist, an engineering, an academician, a high-profile investor or businessman, an entrepreneur or any creative thinker can enjoy the ten-year long Golden Visa service which was introduced back in 2019. A five-year Gold visa is also introduced by the Government. All concerned documents have to be submitted beforehand to avail the visa. This special visa gives the holder opportunity to find permanent residency in UAE and is automatically renewed after the course of its duration.

How we are helpful

We carry out all operations with an expert team of professionals who are dedicated to complete every task of challenges. We help you ease up all complications that are related to visa services, beginning from the application of visa to the availing of visa and the renewal procedures. We guide you perfectly to your destination and ventures with utmost care and passion.